Hypnosis has been used in different settings for various purposes over time. It has been used for entertainment purposes and also as a form of therapy. You should remember that these two are different and the form of usage is also different. Hypnosis can be used as a form of treatment which can aid in healing sickness or help in the healing process. One should not expect to be cured 100% nevertheless it has been proven to be an effective form of treatment. You should also keep in mind that hypnotherapy is not magic. Research has shown that several problems can be helped through hypnotherapy. Hypnosis in broad terms are used for two purposes


Hypnotherapy is a professional therapy which is used to help people facing different problems. Depending on the problem and the person, the number of sessions can differ. As it has already been mentioned hypnotherapy is not magic hence it can take time for some and for some it might take just one or two sessions Some of the problems that hypnotherapy is used for are-

  • Weight loss:

A lot of us gain weight easily and constantly. It is difficult to lose weight when we do not see immediate results. Hypnosis can be a useful tool in your weight management process to have the motivation to maintain a healthy routine and exercise schedule. In simple terms, hypnosis helps in dealing with emotions which will help you in your weight loss.

  • Smoking:

Hypnotherapy has often been used to kerb smoking and stop the person from using it in future. It is believed that there is a relationship between smoking and unpleasant emotions. Hence during hypnotherapy, these problems are addressed to reduce smoking and maybe eventually quit. It has been seen that hypnotherapy is often used to kerb smoking tendencies. The number of sessions differs from person to person.

  • Stress:

In today’s world stress has alarmingly increased and a lot of people don’t know how to deal with it resulting in many other problems. Hypnotherapists have claimed that hypnotherapy can be a useful tool in dealing with stress. Since dealing with emotions is a part of hypnotherapy and stress is a part of emotions, it is said to work well. One does not have to go to a hypnotherapist every time they have stress. Hypnotherapists teach clients techniques to do self-hypnosis so that they can use it even without their help.


  • Stage hypnosis:

Stage hypnosis has often been used for entertainment purposes. The professional chooses audience members to conduct his or her hypnosis on. This form of hypnosis has been the one majority of us have been exposed to hence making a lot of us sceptical. We see that a hypnotist chooses audiences and make them do funny things on stage. However, this is said to be a huge misconception, and that hypnosis is much more. The chosen audiences are chosen intentionally by hypnotists to meet the requirements of performing their act.