Ancient methods do not work anymore

We consider stress to be normal today, there is hardly anyone who would say that they are never stressed. Moreover, longer lasting stress leads to serious illnesses such as hypertension, heart attacks and many more.


The main reactions to stress are the fight or run away, which come from the Stone Age, when in an emergency to escape the stress-inducing situation people simply did it by fighting or by running away. However, this emergency mechanism was designed for short-term threats, and it does not always work for stress now because of this reason.

The reality of the 21st century

The situations that trigger stress today are usually permanent. Performance pressure, the fear of not having enough money or not getting a job, uncooperative or perhaps even bullying colleagues, unfriendly bosses or even stress in a relationship, which cannot be permanently eliminated by the old mechanisms.

Symptoms such as heart disease, hypertension, a weak immune system, respiratory and digestive disorders, neurodermitis or cold sore lips, irritation, concentration disturbances and bad sleep are possible consequences of a permanent fight or flight mechanism in the body. However, there is a solution. With hypnosis, we can directly address the triggers for anxiety and stress.


The roots of stress and the resulting exhaustion are, as in the case of anxiety and phobias, in the subconscious part of our minds, in which past experiences have been linked to (negative) emotions. Small triggers – often even a seemingly strange look of a colleague, boss or partner – can create a massive stress reaction trigger, which becomes stronger as the time passes.

The best solution

Stress can affect a lot of parts of our life. Even such activity as gambling is affected in a negative way because of anxiety. A lot of casino enthusiasts nowadays try hypnosis to eradicate stress, lack of focus, and other problems which might stop them from winning. It turns out that for some people simply searching online for casino pokies list is not enough because their mindset is stopping them from enjoying the games. At some point people get tired of feeling inferior and try to change the situation.

During hypnosis sessions, specialists gently and cautiously guide patients back to previous negative experiences that have laid the foundation for their stress response patterns today. They help people break through the stress spiral and return to serenity and (self) security. Patients are introduced to the idea that their life can be different from what it is now because there is a way to avoid suffering from anxiety.


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Many people could not even function properly without hypnosis. Sometimes the fear, stress and anxiety are just too much for one person, and they end up not being able to oversee their actions or of the results of them. The number of people who fail exams and tests because fear overtakes them is simply alarming. Some students could study a specific topic for weeks and still not pass their exam just because they got scared at the last minute. This is an unfair disadvantage which no person deserves to have. Sometimes hypnosis is the only way to fully enjoy life and get back on the right track.

Feelings of guilt, of having to always be happy, of having to somehow gain love and recognition – these are just some of the things which create anxiety for so many people in the 21st century. It is so easy to get lost in your own mind, and it can have negative consequences. Even the best casino expert could lose because he got anxious during the game.

Hypnosis can lead you back to your initial state and create new perspectives on life.

During all hypnosis sessions professionals make sure that trance is beneficial for you. The whole process of hypnosis goes far beyond just a re-evaluation of life and makes you delve deep into your memories and experiences which are stored in the subconscious part of the mind. This new stress management system automatically leads to a changed and relaxed approach to situations that have previously triggered stress and anxiety. There is finally no need to be stressed any longer!